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The product covers five series of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and pesticide additives. The technology content of the product is in the lead in China.

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The company always upholds the strict, fine and professional quality objectives, and standardizes production management.

Hebei Lansen Biotech Co., Ltd. Environmental Information Disclosure (2017)

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Hebei Lansheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Environmental Information Disclosure (2017)

Hebei Lansen Biotech Co., Ltd. Corporate Environmental Information Disclosure
First, the company profile

Hebei Lansen Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hebei Lansen) was established in March 2014. The company is located in Jinzhou Economic Development Zone of Hebei Province with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and covers an area of ​​65 mu. Legal representative: Dong Zhipeng, unification Social credit code: 911301830932841011. The pesticide manufacturing industry belongs to the national pesticide original drug designated enterprise approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its main business is the research and development of new high-end high-efficiency and low-toxic pesticides and its industrial production. The designed production capacity is 1000 tons/year.
Second, the environmental impact assessment and the implementation of the "three simultaneous" system
All projects in Hebei Lansen have implemented the EIA approval and "three simultaneous" acceptance system. "Hebei Lansen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 2000 tons of ketene and 500 tons of cyanofluorfen (first phase)" strictly completed." At the same time, "the completion acceptance (Shihuan [2017] No. 3). On October 27, 2017, the company obtained the “Evaluation of 50 tons of chloramphenicol original drug project of Hebei Lansen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” (Ishida Review Ring [2017] No. 22).
Third, sewage information
Hebei Lansen has one sewage discharge port and five exhaust gas discharge ports, one for the boiler flue gas discharge port, two for the workshop process exhaust gas discharge port, one for the sewage station exhaust gas discharge port, and the second #2 hazardous waste gas exhaust. 1 mouth. The sewage discharge information is shown in Table 1 for the main pollution sources and prevention measures.
Table 1 List of major pollution sources and control measures


Serial number

Contaminated species

Major pollutant

Generate facilities or processes

Production form (continuous/intermittent)

Pollution prevention facility

Emission destination

Facility name


Process type


Waste water

PH, COD, BOD5, suspended solids, ammonia nitrogen, chloride, toluene

Workshop production of wastewater, washing wastewater, laboratory testing of wastewater, initial rainwater from domestic sewage, etc.


Sewage treatment station


Pretreatment + biochemical treatment

Park network


Boiler flue gas


Gas boiler (4t/h)



15 m exhaust pipe discharged into the atmosphere


Process waste gas

Toluene, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, methanol, hydrogen chloride

Heptenone synthesis, water washing, etc.

Regular interruption

DDBD low temperature plasma tail gas treatment device


Secondary alkaline washing + DDBD low temperature plasma

20 meters exhaust pipe discharged into the atmosphere


Methanol, hydrogen chloride, volatile organic compounds, toluene

Triketone synthesis, decarboxylation, desolvation, etc.

Regular interruption

Secondary alkali absorption + brine condensation + tertiary hydrogen peroxide oxidation + activated carbon adsorption process tail gas treatment facility


Secondary alkali absorption + brine condensation + tertiary hydrogen peroxide oxidation + activated carbon adsorption process

20 meters exhaust pipe discharged into the atmosphere


Sewage station and 1# hazardous waste gas

Volatile organic compounds, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia (ammonia), odor concentration

Wastewater treatment process, hazardous waste storage process


Sewage station waste gas treatment facility


Two-stage alkaline washing + activated carbon adsorption

20 meters exhaust pipe discharged into the atmosphere


2# hazardous waste gas

Odor concentration, volatile organic compounds

Hazardous waste storage process


Solid waste storage waste gas treatment facility


Alkaline washing + activated carbon adsorption

20 meters exhaust pipe discharged into the atmosphere


Fourth, corporate environmental protection investment and environmental technology development
Hebei Lansen's main environmental protection investment links are related to the handling of environmental protection procedures, the operation and management of environmental protection facilities, and the storage and disposal of solid waste. In 2017, the company's environmental protection investment totaled more than 10 million yuan.
Fifth. Construction and operation of environmental protection facilities of enterprises
Wastewater treatment facility
The company has a sewage station with pretreatment + biochemical treatment process, the treatment capacity is 80m3 / d, the wastewater has been treated to meet the "Sewage Integrated Emission Standard" (GB8978-1996) Table 4 Level 3 and Jinzhou City Sewage Treatment Plant Water quality is required to be discharged.
2. Exhaust gas treatment facilities
(1) Workshop process exhaust gas treatment: Two sets of treatment devices are built in the process waste gas of the workshop. They are a set of DDBD low temperature plasma exhaust gas treatment device, two-stage alkali absorption + brine condensation + three-stage hydrogen peroxide oxidation + activated carbon adsorption process tail gas treatment facility. set. The process tail gas is treated and discharged through a 20m exhaust pipe. The production waste gas is effectively absorbed and controlled to meet the emission standards required by the state.
(2) Sewage station and hazardous waste temporary storage warehouse odor treatment: the sewage station wastewater treatment process produces odor and 1# hazardous waste temporary storage warehouse odor is treated by two-stage alkali washing + activated carbon adsorption process and discharged through 15m exhaust pipe; 2# The odour of the temporary waste warehouse is treated by the first alkaline washing + activated carbon adsorption process and discharged through the 15m exhaust pipe;
(3) Gas boiler: 4t/h gas boiler fuel is natural gas, and flue gas is discharged through a 15-meter high exhaust pipe;
3. Solid waste treatment and disposal facilities
The company has two temporary storage warehouses for hazardous waste with a total area of ​​320 square meters. It has signed a hazardous waste disposal agreement with the relevant qualified Shijiazhuang Xiangyu Environmental Protection Technology Service Center and Xingtai Jiatai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Procedures for the hazardous disposal of hazardous waste.
Sixth, emergency management of emergency environmental incidents
Hebei Lansen commissioned a professional organization to prepare the “Emergency Plan for Sudden Environmental Incidents of Hebei Lansen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” and organized experts to review it and report it to the environmental protection department for record (record number: 130183-2016-001-L). The company regularly organizes drills and continually refines them to strengthen their ability to respond to unexpected environmental events.
VII. The situation of enterprises fulfilling their social responsibilities
1. Sewage payment
Hebei Lansen turned over the local sewage charges of 0.81 million yuan in 2017.
2. Pollution control, environmental management construction
Hebei Lansen attaches great importance to environmental protection work. While the company is developing, it pays attention to environmental protection investment. The company's various environmental protection systems and operating procedures are sound, and various environmental protection measures can be implemented, effectively monitored and established a good corporate image.

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